The original was built by P A Upham of Brixham in 1896 and used for fishing as far afield as Spain.
It was nicknamed the fasted trawler in the west, but was sunk by German submarine 29-jan1918 14 miles SE by E from Berry Head.

The model was originally made for my father as a child in about 1920 and carved from a solid piece of oak believed to be 100 years old then.
It suffered severe damage in the Blitz and rebuilt for me as a child.
Again it was damaged in about 1990 by falling off a shelf.
So I rebuilt it starting in 2015 this time with more detail and remote control of steering and sails.
I have a copy of the original plans and the model is to 1:48 scale, still with the 100 year old hull.
A book “Sailing Trawlers” by Edgar J March was very helpful.
With the extra weight of the RC equipment I dispensed with the original lead keel and added a non-realistic modern keel with less lead at a depth of 5cm to maintain stability.
I had all the sails controlled from one servo with another controlling the differential between the jibs and the main & mizzen.
The first pond trials showed not enough movement on the jibs. Also that it needed a larger rudder and it leaked.
So I changed it to one servo controlling the main & mizzen in parallel and another controlling the two jibs in parallel.
Hopefully the leaks are cured and it is ready for a trial sail.
It was a mammoth task shoe-horning the receiver, battery and 3 servos into such a small space.

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