Over the past few months I have been doing research on the      R M S Olympic, as I am about to build / adopt the trumpeter Titanic 1/200 kit to achieve this. In order to kit bash this into an R/C detailed example, I started by ordering the K.A. DX. Detail up set.And asking them if I could order extra items with it, normally kit manufactures refuse to do this and just want you to order another kit to obtain the extra items (in this case 14 extra lifeboats complete with davits and boat life lines + other items) To my surprise they stated that they would do this, for a reasonable sum, and when the detail set arrived the extra items were in it.Unfortunately there were some other items missing from the kit, and on contacting them again to inform them they sent me the parts post free. And this from South Korea, via a contact in the UK.I therefore can recommend this company for its excellent and helpful service, and the items are all of superb quality.

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