Model Boat Builds by KLMBC Members

Tug Alfred alias HMS Corona!! – Built by Tony Richards

Tug Alfred alias HMS Corona!! – Built by Tony Richards  A PBM Model (Patrick and Blunt Models Ltd) built from the plans and materials that I had around the house plus items purchased through Cornwall Model Boats. An interesting challenge made more challenging by the fact that I did not have the “Vacuum Formed Parts” eg Cabin, Funnel etc etc. However, the biggest benefit has been that it has kept me busy over the past year during the Corona Pandemic.   Phase 1 – The Hull is built around a keel mostly exploiting balsa wood blocks and a simple plywood skin. A Work Zone Profiling Tool purchased from Aldi UK proved very useful to achieve a symmetrical shape on what was quite a complex hull profile.   Next challenge was the brushed 600 motor drive assembly, propellor shaft and rudder. The propellor is fitted below the waterline meaning that the propellor must be watertight solved with a Raboesch Waterproof Propellor Shaft. New one to me! The drive […]

Model Boat Build – Items And Parts

Over the past few months I have been doing research on the      R M S Olympic, as I am about to build / adopt the trumpeter Titanic 1/200 kit to achieve this. In order to kit bash this into an R/C detailed example, I started by ordering the K.A. DX. Detail up set.And asking them if I could order extra items with it, normally kit manufactures refuse to do this and just want you to order another kit to obtain the extra items (in this case 14 extra lifeboats complete with davits and boat life lines + other items) To my surprise they stated that they would do this, for a reasonable sum, and when the detail set arrived the extra items were in it.Unfortunately there were some other items missing from the kit, and on contacting them again to inform them they sent me the parts post free. And […]

The Sea Hornet by Richard Steane – complete

It is a Sea Hornet that I have scaled up from an original Aero-Kits plan. The original was for a 25″ model but I have scaled it up by 1.56 to give a length of 1 metre. Obviously all scratch built with everything  cut by hand. The model will have twin motors and I’m hoping to have it ready for when we are next allowed to sail. New Update: There are enumerable photos, kits and other information about model Sea Hornets, but despite trawling the internet for several hours, I have only been able to find one reference to a full size Hornet. This is of a boat built in 1932 (see attached screenshot) with a length of 28ft and this is in Michigan. The shape of the transom is very similar to the model (but there are other boats with a similar shape) as are the two windscreens. As […]

Model of Brixham Trawler IBEX_BM27 by Brian Fisher – complete

The original was built by P A Upham of Brixham in 1896 and used for fishing as far afield as Spain.It was nicknamed the fasted trawler in the west, but was sunk by German submarine 29-jan1918 14 miles SE by E from Berry Head. The model was originally made for my father as a child in about 1920 and carved from a solid piece of oak believed to be 100 years old then.It suffered severe damage in the Blitz and rebuilt for me as a child.Again it was damaged in about 1990 by falling off a shelf.So I rebuilt it starting in 2015 this time with more detail and remote control of steering and sails.I have a copy of the original plans and the model is to 1:48 scale, still with the 100 year old hull.A book “Sailing Trawlers” by Edgar J March was very helpful.With the extra weight of […]

Model Boat Build by Martin Kinghowerd – in progress

This is the start of a model boat build by Martin Kinghowerd, we will update this page with more information and photos from Martin’s build as it progresses, check back for more updates. DAY 1: Was brought a 5’x1′ 1:16 sheet of ply for xmas (unusual present?) And was told “Build something with that” so I started. NEW UPDATE: 04-02-2021